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Arabian Fantasy

She danced a dance that told her story; wrapped in chains and crystals from head to toe, she is the princess of the night, her chiffon skirt flowing with her like a midnight breeze, while she swayed by the river Nile, whispering their eternal love story!!

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“Salomé, Salomé, dance for me! I pray thee dance for me"

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All Diamonds

Shine on you crazy diamond!

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Sparkling Peacock!

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Scarlet Rose

For the love of a Rose!

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Pearls becomes her

Behind the arabesque windows she dances, bejeweled in pearls and diamonds. A dancing princess like no other!

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3D Lotus flower bra ,a soft 2 piece belt embroidered in exquisite detailing of the Pharaonic lotus flower matched with a Chiffon Skirt embroidered in gold silk thread...A Glorious Costume!

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Swirling in Fringes!

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Oriental Spades

Inspired from the Legendary Samia Gamal!! A Fully Beaded corsage with attached Chiffon Skirt and “Spades” motifs. Available in all Colors

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Fun and flirty costume that comes in shiny metallic lycra fabric, tailored to hug your hips while giving you the space to own the stage. Introducing our new shape bra “Sagaat Bra”

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“Happiness” The peacock costume is a mixture of Lace and Italian Lycra that compliments each other. The All diamond Peacock with the gigantic diamond in the middle shines on stage like no other, the feathers and theatrical accessories gives you the dramatic look!! Available for Custom Orders

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The amazing sea world with its magnificent colors had inspired us to create our Hourreya (mermaid) costume, Shiny lavish fabrics with sea foam combination full of color choices.

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Eye Candy

Let your audience be mesmerized by your shine on stage!

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A Costume as exotic as the Jasmine flower.

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Rich Velvet skirt and bra with embedded Silver Coins...An Arabian Dream!!

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Aharamat Set & Gawhara Skirt

We have Matched our Very Famous Heavily Fringed Ahramat Set with The Gawhara Skirt. It is Cut in Panels style to match with pointed fringing of the Ahramat. You can Choose any Color and Mix and Match. Available upon your choice.

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Multi panels full chiffon skirt, with butterfly & flowers Motifs.

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Our street Shaabi galabeya is perfect for your mahragan (street songs) performance, it will put you right in the heart of cairo alleys.

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A Lycra costume with a built in hard belt. Mermaid style of skirt with fringing to match!!

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Ahramat Romance

Makeup your own dancing romance!!! Available upon your own choice of romantic colors.

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Dress comes with Satin Melaya, Yashmek (Face Veil)

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Silk Italian velvet fully sketched with flower diamond motifs ...indulge!!! Available in all colors

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Cobra Dress

A Metallic fabric that electrifies your audience (in a glamorous way!) , the theme of the dress is “Cobra “. Available for custom orders.

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The Farasha (Butterfly) costume is a must have, a 2 Piece belt with an amazingly chiffon skirt. Elaborate Beading with Swarovski Diamonds. Available in stock and Custom order.

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Silk Satin matched with a 2 piece bra/belt. Bra/Belt can be sold separately Available in stock & Custom Orders Costume Includes: Bra, 2 Piece belt, Skirt, 2 Satin Puff Sleeves, 2 Anklets, Head Piece

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Fifi’s Galabeya

The Shisha Dance And The Galabeya ....A Loveable and Easy to wear and dance in Galabeya with unique fabrics. Available in stock and Custom Order.

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Gorgeous Italian Velvet paired with Silk Chiffon and Swarovski Heart Shaped Diamonds. An andalusian dream in a costume!! Available for Custom Order Only.

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An Italian Lycra costume with Chiffon inserts. A Flowery design beading with Swarovski Diamonds and stems of fringing. Available in stock and Custom order.

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A Modern look that was inspired from the famous Shoheir Zaki’ straps necklace! Available in all colors

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A Gene from a bottle enchanting the audience!!! Full Ample skirt with cut out belt, fully Diamonded bra. Available in all colors

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“Flower” A bundle of Baladi Egyptian flower, Pannels Chiffon with 2 piece Belt Set. It gives you the attraction and softness when performing!! Available in stock & Custom Orders

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Aharamat Set & Soheir Zaki Skirt

An old school Set all about fringing Matched with the all time favorite Soheir Zaki Skirt with the famous 2 slits. Available in Stock and Custom order.

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Two piece belt with a “V” in the front and back attached to it a fringe of bubbles…Hips hugging!!! Available For custom orders.

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