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SAGAAT, is an Egyptian Brand of High End quality Belly Dancing costumes.
From the heart of Cairo, the God Mother of Belly Dancing, with it’s sparkly nights and ever beating rhythm, comes Jess Maghrabi and decides to weave the magic of Egyptian Belly Dance history with the modern beat of the world into Sagaat’s Atelier Original Belly Dance Costumes. From Childhood, Jessie was enchanted by the breathtaking world of the Goddesses, Samia Gamal, Tahia Karyoka and Soheir Zaki, their charm, their grace and most importantly their costumes. As she grew older, her obsession with fabrics, beading, diamonds and glitter grew with her and she finally found an outlet for it as she apprenticed with one of Egypt’s most prominent designers in the field, Jesse started developing her own sense of design, when she was able to originally mix the magic of the classic with the allure of the modern. And that is when she decided to open her own Atelier, where she works her magic and provides stunning costumes for the stunning new Goddesses of the Belly Dance world. From the day of its inception, Sagaat has been the go to place for any dancer who wishes to enter the mystical world of Belly dancing glamour, and shall remain to be so. For we LOVE Belly dance and will always do.
With a group of handpicked artists to perform the sketching ,tailoring,blending colors and giving a creative view of the costume, Sagaat delivers in a professional atmosphere.
At Sagaat, we emphasis on quality and building a relation with the dancer as we believe in “As the dancer moves the costume comes to life”, so we take each order personally!!
Sagaat Atelier in Sheikh Zayed, is a haven for dancers; you can come in for a chat , a fit , a purchase or just hang around with our cats
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